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The Last Chance Treatment Foundation Corp. is a 501c3 not-for-profit charity offering a newly available immune supplement approximately 8 times more powerful than that sold in stores.  

In these trying times, we are grateful and happy to announce that all initial users are still with us. 

The Last Chance Treatment Foundation is made up of real people, behind real products. 

As long ago as 2003, in his letter to, then Secretary of Homeland Security, Paul K. Carlton, Jr., M.D, FACS, stated the following regarding this product: “The Anti-Microbial...developed by a famous laboratory based in Utah U.S. ...has undergone rigorous testing…(and) can be used to increase the safely and functionality of healthcare facilities in the event infectious disease outbreak...9.” See full letter below.  

Our product meets FDA guidelines plus has 8 times the potency of that described in Dr. Carlton’s letter which overrides the standard medicinal protocol pertaining to the subject overnight recovery and immunology textbook teaching. The microscope technology has improved over the decades and finer detail can be seen by more labs. Note 20% of doctors’ offices buy our product from additional certified suppliers.

In addition, our product is being researched as a special application concerning the treatment of Autism, a matter of most concern to us and the founding goal and primary mission of the Foundation. Your tax-deductible donations help keep us moving forward.

Contact us at 424-248-8105 for additional information. Calls from physicians and other medical personnel, as well as businesses interested in bulk acquisitions and monitoring, are welcome.

We will be with you now and the future.


The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Office Of Homeland Security

(Address Redacted)

November 10, 2003

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

The Honorable Tom Ridge, Secretary of Homeland Security

Washington D.C.


Dear Secretary Ridge: 

I would like to bring to your attention a resource that I feel can be utilized in the area of bio-defense from bio-terrorism to infectious diseases such as SARS.

The resource in question is the Antimicrobial solution developed by American Biotech Labs in Utah.  The ABL Antimicrobial has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to kill Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Hospital Staph and SARS.  It is the first new antimicrobial for the hospital in many years!

In addition, the ABL product is non-toxic to humans, EPA Approved (Hospital Staph and Bubonic Plague), and currently awaiting Sec 18 approval (Anthrax). 

ABL’s solution has shown to be a proven wide-spectrum antimicrobial/bio-decontaminant - that can be used to increase the safety and functionality of healthcare facilities in the event of a bioterror attack or infectious disease outbreak such as SARS.

In short, we currently do not have anything with such a wide spectrum of efficacy as ABL Antimicrobial in our inventory.

It should also be noted that ABL provides a dual use for the taxpayer because ABL is working with a faith based organization that provides healthcare services to the working poor, and plans to train over 100,000 community volunteer first responders. 

As such, I recommend that the ABL Antimicrobial be evaluated for addition to the National Push Pack stockpile. 

It will make our nation a safer place to live and work. 



Paul K. Carlton Jr. M.D., FACS

Lt General, USAF (Ret.)

Director, Integrative Center for Homeland Security

Texas A&M University & Health Science Center


How To Take - 1-2-3 Simple As Can Be  

Enjoy our new spray bottle for topical use.  Initially 1 teaspoon under the tongue, hold for 5 minutes. Swallow along with 5 oz of water. Repeat the above after 6 hours (2 dosages on the first day). A single dose (as described) once a week thereafter. (REMEMBER 1 teaspoon under the tongue ONCE A WEEK) 

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