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The Last Chance Treatment Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit charity to help anyone with a life threatening disease or condition, under the new legislation called the  Right to Try Act.  It is one way for patients who have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases or conditions, that have tried all approved treatment options, to access certain investigational and alternative treatments in the United States.

The treatments provided by Last Chance Treatment Foundation will be principally relying upon alternative cellular treatments, Regenerative Medicine Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, and other revolutionary modalities for dealing with such diseases and disorders as autism, macular degeneration, joint repair, hearing loss, as well as other conditions that are showing a positive response.

The University of Southern California is heavily invested in programs that benefit from this research and the school is also receiving numerous grants permitting various cellular treatments. The documentation provided from treatments of a variety of diagnosis, are proving amazing results by utilizing these treatments to patients who were previously hopeless.

One of our missions is to make certain that not only the wealthiest of Americans get access to these treatments, but also those of far lesser means who have to date been denied by clinical trials or other mainstream organizations. We plan to solicit other organizations, institutions, 501C3 organizations, along with individual and corporations for donations throughout the country, to help children and their families get the help they need.

How can
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Simply put, Last Chance Treatment Foundation is here to assist people with life threatening illness get the treatment they need to prolong and better their health and well-being.  By utilizing their vast amount of Doctors, facilities, and treatments that can aid in the patient recovery process.

Watch some of the amazing stories

Here we should have small paragraph that talks about some of the successes of alternative treatments, like Regenerative Medicine Therapy.  Here we should have small paragraph that talks about some of the successes of alternative treatments, like Regenerative Medicine Therapy. 

Regenerative Medicine is changing Anthony's Life

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Hyberbaric Chambers and how they work

Treating an Older Autistic Child with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Comments from Hope Fine RHT, RRT From the South Florida Center for H.O.P.E. (Hyperbaric Oxygen Producing Environment).

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