Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Why is Autism a huge part of Last Chance Treatment Foundation

The Last Chance Treatment Foundation came to fruition when Renee Codina, came to our founder Brad Mislove, looking for help for her son who was Autistic.  He then joined forces with this longtime friend Michael Berkowitz who was on the cutting-edge of alternative stem cell and hyperbaric treatments.  This video tells the story of Anthony and after viewing you will see why treating autistic children is the very reason the foundation was started. 

How can Alternative therapies help with ASD?

Stem cell and hyperbaric therapy for autism can reduce characteristics of autism. It has been supported by specialists in the field that it can improve behavior, anxiety, social skills, communication, speech and ability to focus.

Stem cells repair, regenerate and replace the damaged cells in the brain of the individual with autism by the following mechanisms: They release growth factors which regulate the immune imbalance in autism and have a healing and regenerative effect on damaged tissue.

Stages of autism

ASD Level 1

Requiring Support

Problems with inflexibility, poor organization, planning, switching between activities, which impair independence. Poor social skills, difficulty in initiating interactions, attempts to make friends are odd and unsuccessful.

ASD Level 2

Requiring Substantial Support

Marked difficulties in verbal and nonverbal social communication skills. Markedly odd, restricted repetitive behaviors, noticeable difficulties changing activities or focus.

ASD Level 3

Requiring very Substantial Support

Severe difficulties in verbal and nonverbal communication. Very limited speech, odd, repetitive behavior; many express their basic needs only.

the Challenges with Alternative Therapies

Unfortunately, the costs involved with Alternative Therapies can be as much as $5000-$50,000 for treatment.  That is why LCTF is dedicated to getting the funds needed to help so many deserving children and their families.

Real Stories

Regenerative Medicine is changing Anthony's Life

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Hyberbaric Chambers and how they work

Treating an Older Autistic Child with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Comments from Hope Fine RHT, RRT From the South Florida Center for H.O.P.E. (Hyperbaric Oxygen Producing Environment).

How can you Support LAST CHANCE ?

LAST CHANCE Treatment Foundation is a non-profit organization and depends on donors.

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