About Us

Last Chance Treatment Foundation

Last Chance Treatment Foundation was founded in 2019. After the “Right to Try Act” was passed.  Donations to the organization go to helping patients with life threatening illness and conditions get alternative therapies that can optimize and prolong life.

The treatments provided by Last Chance Treatment Foundation will be principally relying upon alternative cellular treatments, Regenerative Medicine Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, and other revolutionary modalities for dealing with such diseases and disorders as autism, macular degeneration, joint repair, hearing loss, as well as other conditions that are showing a positive response.

Brad Mislove

Founder of Last Chance Treatment Foundation

Assists autistic patients and their families get treatment, care, and housing. Organizes the necessary experienced people to develop, construct and manage LCTF.  Brad has over 30 years of construction management experience.  Incorporated AB Construction Services, Inc. Brokering contractors and managing all venues of both commercial and residential construction including high rise painting, plumbing jobs. hotels, shopping centers, high-end homes (Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu Ca, San Diego Los Angeles, and surrounding areas).

Renee Codina

Director of Last Chance Treatment Foundation

Renee Codina is one of the driving forces of LCF due to her autistic son and her mission to help parents and children in their journey with Autism.  She has over 25 years in executive and management positions in immigration law, shipping and technology.  Multi – Lingual in 7 languages, she has worked globally in immigration law in Hong Kong and in Macao and Los Angeles.  She was President and CEO of Parking Guard, Inc., COO of Guardian SiteVision Systems (ClearVision Tek, Limited).  

How can you Support LAST CHANCE ?

LAST CHANCE Treatment Foundation is a non-profit organization and depends on donors.

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